Banjarahills police could not arrest YSRC leader Potluri Vara Prasad popular as PVP who is also a producer and owns PVP multiplexes, has evaded arrest by the Banjarahills police today by leaving dogs in the compound.

The Police could not go beyond the dogs at the house of PVP. The police returned to the station and have filed one more case against him for provoking he dogs against the police.

It may be recalled that PVP has threatened the Villa owners in front of his house, that they were protecting his view by going of the roof gardening.

PVP also has sent goondas to demolish the construction over the top of Villas in front of his house. Teh Villa owners complained to the police again the PVP.

When the police came to arrest PVP, he has used dogs to evade the arrest. The police in turn file one more case against him.PVP is in the src also. He contested as an MP on YSRC ticket and lost the election.

PVP is known for his attitude as he had quarrelled earlier with Bandla Gaehs and also Hero Mahesh Babu. He also filed a case against Mahesh and later it was settled with the intervention of Dil Raju.