The BJP is not Vocal at Local:Assembly


Is the BJP really enjoying a real majority in the country? It is like yes and know. They are in power directly and they are in power in alliance with other parties. But are really in majority is the big question.

The BJP has a clear majority in only 10 of the 29 state Assemblies. In 29 states the BJP is in power in 10 states. But they are giving the picture of Congress Mukth Bharat.
When it comes to reality, The BJP has 0 seats in Sikkim, 0 seats in Mizoram and no seats in Tamilnadu.

They have 4 out of 175 in Andhra and 1 out of 140 in Kerala, 3 out of 117 in Punjab.3 out of 294 in Bengal,5 out of 119 in Telangana,8 out of 70 in Delhi,10 out of 147 in Orissa,12 out of 60 in Nagaland.

In the states where the BJP has a coalition government, the BJP’s seat status is 2 out of 60 in Meghalaya,53 out of 243 in Bihar,25 out of 87 in J&K
13 out of 40 seats in Goa.

Out of total 4139 assembly seats in the country, BJP has 1516 seats out of which 950 seats are from 6 states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, UP, MP, Rajasthan.
The meaning is clear … there is no wave or storm of BJP, actually, BJP has lost 66% of seats of the country.

One of the factors which suggest that BJP is in majority in the media campaign. But when it comes to MP seats it is really in power and is ruling the state. When we see the Assemblies, it is only in 10 Assemblies that is 10 states. Modi the PM said that the BJP should be vocal at local level. That is the slogan he gave.

But the reality is something different at the local level when it comes to the Assembly.