Fuel prices rise 15 times in two weeks


Petrol and diesel prices rose again. They have been rising for last one week.

Oil companies have hiked petrol prices by 36 paise and diesel by 38 paise. With the latest hike, petrol price in the national capital has touched Rs 90.93 per litre and diesel Rs 81.32 per litre.

In Delhi, petrol price has gone up by Rs 4.63 per litre and diesel by Rs 4.84 per litre so far this month. On the other hand, in the financial capital Mumbai, petrol is running at a hundred per cent.

In Mumbai, petrol was priced at Rs 97.34 per liter. Diesel was priced at Rs 88.44 per litre. On Sunday, the government reduced VAT (value added tax) on West Bengal petrol and diesel by Rs.

In Hyderabad, petrol price was hiked by Rs 94.54 per liter and diesel by Rs 88.69 per litre. In Bhopal, petrol was priced at Rs 98.96 and diesel at Rs 88.60, while in Jaipur, petrol was priced at Rs 97.47 and diesel at Rs 89.82.

In many cities, the price of petrol is hovering at around Rs. Oil companies raised prices on Tuesday after giving some relief on Sunday and Monday. So far this month, petrol prices have risen 15 times.

PM Modi blamed the earlier governments for not monitoring the prices of the fuels. He also clarified that it is not in the hands of the central Government.

So it is time to think about car pooling and mass transport in the country. it will reduce pollution and also save money in a big way to the people in general.