The BJP is biting more than it can chew


The BJP leaders in the Telugu states are making big statements these days. The first statement that they make is that they will be coming to power in the next elections.

But so far they could not enter the double digit figures since last several elections. Not even half a dozen leaders can claim that they have good number of followers.

They are good at media management and also using the social media. Venkaiah Naidu has become the Vice President of India and we can forget about him.

Vidyasagar Rao also did as Governor and he is not in the political scene. Dr Laxman who has done as the BJP President could not get good numbers for the party.

Now he is a BC leader at National level. Kishan Reddy who has also worked as the BJP President is now a Minister at National level, but he too has own limitations.

Now they need a mass leader like Ale Narendra who is no more. They make some noise during the election time and then take rest.

Raghunandan Rao is one leader who made some noise at Dubbaka, but we have to see the outcome.

Majority of them are giving Dubbaka to TRS. With the seniors retiring from the scene, there is no second row of leadership in the party. So coming to power will remain just a pipe dream for the BJP.

So it will take a long time for the party to come to power in the Telugu states.