Drumstick leaves are very good for health

drum stick leaves

People are used to consuming drumsticks only as vegetables. But only a few of them know that drumstick leaves called as Moringa leaves are very very good for health.

Drumstick leaves power is very good against Diabetes. The leaves are dried and made into a powder. Daily one tea spoon full of powder helps us in reducing the sugar.

The drumstick leaves are used for making dal and also sambar. They can be sprinkled in Rasam like coriander leaves. The drum stick leaves powder is used in many Ayurvedic medicines and it controls blood pressure also.

The leaves have good medicinal power and can cure many diseases it is reported. They keep the digestive system and also liver clean. The leaves are rich in vitamin C and also Calcium according to the medical experts.

The leaves can be used as a regular green vegetable. It comes under traditional medicine category. It also has high nutritional values. It has vitamin A, Calcium, proteins, potassium, Iron.

It can cure many types of cancers and can regulate thyroid. The leaves are free and you can get them easily. It helps in curing the bone problems also.
It is grown as a commercial crop for leaves in America. The leaves juice with lime and honey can burn the fat in your body. The bark of the tree is also useful to improve the potency.

The powder helps in improving the blood and also works as an antibiotic. It can also cure skin diseases. In the same fashion drumstick is also good for health in many ways.

Drumstick seeds can purify the water. Just drop them in water and the impurity is removed easily in the form of sediment.