Suresh Babu requests state and centre on ticket rates


It is not right to decide the same ticket rate for all kinds of movies opined Suresh Babu the mega-producer and the owner of cine studios and cinema theatres.

Big budget and small budget movies are different and the buyer or audience will decide on the ticket rate he said. He was unhappy with the way the AP Government has decided the same ticket rate for all movies and restricted it to 4 shows only.

It is the choice of the viewer and no one is dictating or forcing the viewers to come to the theatres he said. These days the audience is not coming to the theatres he pointed out.

All cinemas are not the same and the audience will know what to see at which price he opined. The Government of AP must do the rethinking over the matter he suggested.

It was Chirnajeevi who raised the issue first and now Suresh Babu has taken it further ahead. Minister Perni Nani said that the matter is in the notice of Chief Minister Jagan and that they would take the right decision at the right time.

Meanwhile, the movies of Balakrishna, Pawan Kalyan and Chiranjeevi which are ready for release will face the brunt in the AP theatres.

There is a talk that the YSRC Government was doing this wantonly. Akhanda, Acharya, Pushpa, Bheemla Naik will get fewer collections in AP due to this new policy.

There is every need for the Government to reconsider the issue.