Jagan failed as CM says Undavalli Arun


Jaganmohan Reddy has failed as a CM said Undavalli Arun Kumar the man who was very close to former Chief Minister Rajasekhar Reddy the father of Jaganmohan Reddy the present CM of AP.

This is a very loaded statement and it will definitely have an impact on the political career of Jaganmohan Reddy.

No one thought Undavalli would put his friend’s son and CM Jagan in a fix. Undavallis statement will have a lot of weight on the people of AP.

I’ve never thought Jagan would be such a failure,” said Undavalli. He said that the prices of sand, liquor, petrol and power have been hiked and the debts have also increased.

However, the assets of the state have not grown. He said AP government is entirely relying on debts which is a disaster.

“The government wants to take more loans to clear the old loans. It is making changes to the FRBM Act to raise as many debts it can. Jagan government is not leaving a single opportunity to take loans ridiculed Undavalli.

The future of state is certainly gloomy,” added Undavalli.

Talking about the recent incidents in Assembly, Undavalli said targeting the Opposition party isn’t correct. He said that the role of Opposition is needed in a democracy.

Government should take suggestions from the Opposition for better governance and administration.