Surendar Syeraa with Prabhas

Surendar Reddy Prabhas

Surendar Reddy who has given a respectable historic movie to megastar Chiranjeevi is busy with offers. He has got a movie with Nithin and now he had got an offer from Prabhas the Baahubali star.

It is reported that Nithin will be working for a romantic entertainer with Suredar while the director is planning for a pan Indian movie for the International star Prabhas.

Prabhas is right now busy with John. Some portion of the shooting is already completed. Surendar with the experience of working for two years with Mega family is confident and he wants to go for a pan Indian movie with Prabhas.

Prabhas has faced some disappointment with Saaho and wants to make a comeback. Sahoo did not reach the expectations of the people and also Prabhas.

So Prabahs heard a line from Surendar and he wanted the director to come with a full script. Right now Surendar is already busy with two movies. He has some more ideas also. There is a chance that Surendar might work for one of the youngsters from the mega family. But it will take some time.