Supreme Court says Panchayat elections must be held

Indian Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has given the green signal to the Panchayat elections in the state of Andhra Pradesh. But the employees still say that they are not ready for the elections here in AP in the name of Covid.

Now the state Government has no other option but to conduct the elections. The employees must not take it as an ego issue the court suggested.

Taking the Supreme Order into account the SEC has postponed the first phase of election to next month and the rest of all the phases remain the same.

The first phase become the fourth phase now. The elections cannot be postponed the court ruled. The elections will be held on 9nth, 13,17,21 of February.

Now Jagan the CM has no other option but to go for the elections. He is already sitting in a meeting for the next step to be taken in the state for the conduct of elections.

The SEC has sought the help of the central forces for conducting the elections here in the state of AP.