October 13 is final and locked:RRR


At last it is time for the fans of Rjamouli to get ready for the release of RRR. The date of fixed for February 13 and it could be just before Dasara.

The fans of NTR and also Ramcharan are in a celebration mode. They have been waiting for the RRR movie since a long time and it has been postponed several times.

Now see the magic of water and fire. Who is fire and who is water in the movie is a suspense. We can see the NTR on a bullet and Charan on a horse and both are them are in action.

Produced by DVV Danaiah people have lot of expectations on this movie after Baahubali. May be two years after Baaahubali this RRR is getting released.

We have to see if RRR title holds good or will Rajamouli change it in the end. The film has already garnered a lot of publicity. Both NTR and Ramcharan were injured several times in the shooting.

One is Seetharama Raju and the other is Komaram Bheem. By that time the Corona issue might subside and people might be allowed to occupy all the seats in the theatres.