Some American scientists have claimed that the Sunlight has an effect on the Corona Virus and it destroys the virus. But the heat should be intense.

Earlier some other countries have said that the heat has no effect on Corona Virus and it survives. But the latest findings claim that the Corona can’t live beyond 80 degrees of heat.

But will the sunlight give the heat up to eighty degrees is the question? The research is still going on and it has not been made official so fate by the American Government.

There is also a talk that Corona might make a come back in the coming winter and that the people must be very careful. Corona is supposed to be having its effect till the next two years.

But the American scientists have show evidence where the Coronavirus was destroyed by the Sunlight in some cases. The Ultraviolet rays have a sterilising effect again the Corona Virus the scientist explained.

On the other hand, the Vaccine trails against Corona on human beings failed. The experiments failed and the s called vaccine could not control the Virus in human beings.