Suma the popular anchor has accepted the Green India challenge. Green India challenge was started by TRS MP Santosh Kumar Many celebrities, sports personalities and also politicians, lawmakers from across the world have participated in the green India challenge.

The Green India challenge has crossed 3 crore saplings.

Santosh Kumar Joginapally the architect of the Challenge is targeting around 10 crore saplings. Now the green challenge is on the road to 5 crore saplings.

Suma planted three saplings in the Mayuri buildings owned by Ramoji Rao. She posted the same. Suma posted the challenge to 4 people. One of the them is popular hero junior NTR, Big Boss winner Rahul Sipligang, Manchu Laxmi the popular actor and also the Anchor apart from director Omkar.

Suma is close to NTR family. With Suma inviting them for the challenge, all the four will accept the tree planting challenge. With Suma taking part in the challenge many more anchors and celebrities will definitely plant the saplings.

Anchor Suma Plants Saplings Anchor Suma Plants Saplings