Jeevitha Rajasekhar was very happy that her husband has come out safely from a big car accident. The car tumbled three times after hitting the road divider and people say it was at a speed of around 180 kilometres.

But even after such a huge accident, Rajasekhar came out and he has some bruises on the face here and there. It is because of the fans best wishes that Rajasekhar was safe Jeevitha opined.

There is on a version that because of the tyre bust the card went and hit the divider after which it rolled in the air for three times. But Jeevitha thanked the fans for the best wishes that they had for Rajasekhar and that he is safe and all is well wiht him.

He is taking treatment for minor injuries. It was Rajasekhar who called up the police first and then he informed the family members about his accident.

Later he was received by his wife Jeevitha on the way and admitted to the hospital.