Special diet for the winter


You are what you eat. Now that is winter season, you must have drinks and foods that suit your body and keep it warm.

1.Honey is very useful in combating cold and flu.So please take some honey with lime juice and hot water on a daily basis.

2.Tulasi leaves and Ginger has powerful medicinal vvalues.Have you ever tried a cup of tea with ginger and tulsi in it? If you haven’t, then you must try it out.

3.You must be thinking that ghee will be adding up calories, but it cuts down the bad fats when consumed in small amounts and also helps to keep your body warm.

4.Dry fruits are one of the best foods in winter. Apricots, dried figs and dates will give you natural warmth.

5.Whole grains like bajra pearl millet and ragi or finger millet should definitely be on your list.

6.Jaggery locally known as “gur/gud” not only improves your digestive system but also keeps you warm. Use Bellam in your tea instead of Sugar.

7. Dalchini or Cinnamon promotes the body’s metabolism, helps in generating heat in chilly weathers and needs to be a part of your winter healthy food list.

8.If you want, your body to stay warm and you can just boil saffron in milk and also add raisins to it.

9.Sesame can help resist various respiratory disorders. Enjoy sesame delicacies like the “vadi” or “laddu” during Sankranti.

10.Who doesn’t like to have a bowl of hot soup on a chilly winter evening? It is one of the best ways to get instant warmth.