Akhanda for all sections: Movie review


Akhanda is like Jai Balaiah and Jai Jai balaiah. It is definitely for the masses and Balakrishna fans. It’s definitely not a class movie but they can also watch after sitting at home for a long time due to Corona.

It is like refreshing to go to the theatres and enjoy the violent action scenes apart from the dance numbers. Just watch the movie for excitement and don’t expect anything from that.

It is strictly for entertainment. Music director Thaman breathed life into the movie. He has done a great job with the background score. The fights are better composed when compared to Ram Laxman.

The dialogues are excellent. As usual, Pragya is ornamental for the movie. Jagapathi has done well with the character of Swamiji. Srikanth is different and could not match the expectations of Boypati Srinivas.

At 60 Balakrishna has given the next-level performance. The Telugu people will like it. It is definitely a good start for the producers this season. Both Boyapati and Balakrishna have done a good job.