Rajinikanth the superstar today said that he will not apolozise for the comments he made on Periyar. DMK leader Stalin opined that Rajinikanth must say sorry to the remarks that he made against the Periyar who was a very respectable man.

Rajinikanth said that Periyar has undressed the images of Seetha Matha and Lord Rama. Rajini claimed that he quotes from the publication and also showed the images and that was not his personal information.

He said Sorry, I will not say sorry to the remarks I made against Periyar. BJP leader Subramanian Swamy said that Rajini has all the right to say what he wanted and believed.

He must not be pressurised to say sorry for this. Rajinikanth was talking in a function conducted by the magazine Tuqlak where he quoted that some publications have given the news that Periyar showcased the undressed images of Rama and Seetha in a rally in 1971.

That was the information he has got form the magazines. He has shown the same ot the media and said that he was quoting from this and need not say sorry for the same.

Several pro-Tamil groups raised objection to the comments made by Rajini against the Periyar. Periyar was a social reformer. Some members of a group were arrested for burning effigy of Rajinikanth.