Donald Trump


Like the Green India challenge initiative taken up by the TRS MP Joginapally Santosh Kumar, Trump the USA President has started the one Trillion trees Initiative for USA.

Trump was talking at the Davos business summit where he said that there was a need to look into the protection of the environment. He said that unemployment was going down in America and that the economy was looking up and that there was a need to protect the environment.

He said that they are focused on the improvement of living standards further.

He warned the peopled against listing to the pessimists alarming statements. The US has regained its stride and recovered its spirit. The Telangana government has taken up Haritah Haram for the development of greenery here which no other Government has started so far.

Trump also added that the would strengthen the government further. At the Davos forum, he said that they are building an economy which would support all of them.

Minister for IT KT Rama Rao is showcasing Telangana in Davos and is marketing the ease of doing the business concept for getting investments.