Sidhu stirs a controversy in Pakistan

Former Cricketer and Minister in Punjab attended the swearing-in ceremony of Imran Khan the new Prime Minister of Pakistan and there he hugged Pakistan army chief and sat by his side. He also hugged the President of the POK which is very disturbing to the Indian community. Sidhu the cricketer turned politician who was in the BJP as an MP earlier said that he is attending the swearing-in as a Goodwill Ambassador.Imran Khan

On the other hand, Gavaskar and Kapildev were also invited by the Pakistan PM Imran Khan. It is reported that they consulted the higher-ups over the matter and chose not to attend or visit Pakistan. But Sidhu made a decision on his own and he will be definitely taken to task by the Congress party here in India.

His fans have already started questioning him on the social media and he is being trolled. But Sidhu a tough nut to crack is already prepared for the eventuality and he would his own piece of explanation for his visit and hugs.Sidhu

People looked at Sidhu and the Army chief Bazwa when they hugged each other. later Sidhu hugged the POK chief Masood Khan who in the front row. The images were disturbing and they went against the thinking of the Indians.

It has to be seen what the Punjab people and the fans would do to him once he returns back to India. A massive outrage would break in Punjab and other parts of the state against Sidhu it is reported.