These days the stars are getting attracted towards the revenue that comes out in the form of share from the movies. The trend of this kind was first started by Chiranjeevi the megastar who used to take the Nizam share for his movies.

Sometimes it would like 4 times better than the remuneration that he used to get those days.

In the same fashion, Mahesh got about Rs 50 crore for Sarlieru as part of his share. Prabhas the Baahubali star after agreeing to do a movie with Sandeep Vanga of Arjun Reddy fame for about Rs 50crore has agreed to do a movie for Nag Ashwin the relative popular Producer Ashwini Dutt.

Nag Ashwin the maker of Savitri the super-duper movie is ready with a story for Prabahs and with this movie Prabhas is poised to make around Rs 100 crore it is reported.

Prabhas did not get a good movie after Baahubali. Saaho was a dud. Now Ashwini Dutt has come forward to make a mega movie with Prabhas. It is learnt that Chiranjeevi has suggested the name of Prabahs for this movie to Dutt.

Dutt has come to Chiranjeevi with the story, But Chiru knows his potential after Syeraa the Uyyalawada movie.