Mahesh Allu Arjun


While KOratala Shiva has finalised Mahesh Babu for Chiranjeevi in Acharya, Allu Arjun is also interested to do the same role it is reported. First, they thought of Charan for the role, then Koratala suggested Mahesh and impressed upon him to do the role.

Mahesh readily agreed for the same and the remuneration was also finalised for 30 days. But the latest is that Allu Arjun wants to take the role. Now there is a dilemma as to who would do the role Mahesh or Allu Arjun. Chiranjeevi is also in a piquant situation.

The shooting is going on at a faster pace and deadline given by Chiranjeevi is 99 days. Now they have to take a quick decision on Mahesh Babu or Allu Arjun for the role.

Koratala is for Mahesh Babu. We have to see what transpired between Allu Arjun and Chiranjeevi. But the general opinion is Mahesh with Chiranjeevi is a deadly combination and Allu Arjun can happen anytime.

We do not know what Charan the leader of Konidela production is thinking. Mahesh and Charan are good friends, the deal was done and how can Charan go back for Allu Arjun is the question.