Sena Jal water at Rs 10 per litre


Do you want to pay back to the Army as they are helping us by guarding the borders? Yes there is one way that is to buy the water that the wives of Army people are selling. That is called Sena Jal.

Bisleri-Aquafina are foreign companies, selling bottled water. And our money goes out of the country.

Just ask for Sena Jal that is (Army Water) when travelling or when shopping at the market. It is available almost everywhere. And it’s cheap too.

The Army Wives Welfare Association of the Indian Army launched the “Sena Jal”. Started by General Vipin Rawat’s wife Madhulika Rawat, it comes in half litre and a one litre packs. The half litre costs Rs 6, while a 1 litre pack costs Rs 10. Other companies sell a litre of water at Rs 20 – minimum.

The profit from “Sena Jal” goes for the military welfare . This money is used for the families of martyred soldiers in the Indian Army and for the martyrs’ children’s education.

Since this water is being made by the Indian Army, there is no publicity on television and print media. The army has no money for publicity. That’s also the reason for its low price. Due to the lack of publicity, very few people know about Army Water.

This is where our work begins. If you ever want to buy packaged water from the market, definitely ask for “Sena Jal” from the shopkeeper. This is one way to contribute for the welfare of Army Jawans.