Is singer Sunitha taking Toddy?


Singer Sunitha is in news on daily basis. After getting married for the second time, it looks like she has got all the freedom. She is posing in modern clothes. Giving interviews with her hubby on different channels.

There is no limit to her happiness. She is ever smiling.

Now the latest is that this time the photo of Sunita holding a glass with Toddy is going viral. The toddy tapper and the other anchor is also seen in the frame.

Sunita and another woman, along with a Toddy tapper is viral now. Did she really drink toddy or just grabbed a glass and posed for photos is the question.

There is a saying that even if you sit under a palm tree and actually drink milk it is called kallu that is toddy in Telugu. So netizens are commenting that Sunita is drinking natural drinks from the tree because she has a glass of toddy in her hand while the toddy worker is next to her.

Taken for granted the fact that Sunita Kallu Tagara ? the clarity is unlikely to come. While some people say that it is not wrong to drink palm Toddy which is very good for health, others are commenting that Sunita is posing for photos to promote the Toddy or neera.

In Telangana region most of the ladies in rural areas consumer toddy on daily basis. They even give toddy to the kinds also.