BJP MP Ganesh singh

All these we have been listening to the talk of Dr Hegde who says that Diabetes can be controlled with natural food intake and that sugar test is the last thing that has to be done.

Hegde also says that Sugar ad Cholesterol is two things apart from thyroid where people are being taken for a ride by the doctors to mint money. The people are being exploited in the name heart blocks so on and so forth.

Now the BJP Ganesh has stated in the Parliament that speaking Sanskrit on daily basis will arrest diabetes and also prevents bad cholesterol. Talking Sanskrit on a daily basis will improve the functioning the nervous systems thereby improving the production of the insulin.

Ganesh was talking about the Sanskrit universities in the country. He also explained that several languages have actually originated from the base of Sanskrit.

He urged upon the people to learn and talk in Sanskrit on a daily basis so that it prevents the lifestyle diseases. If the computer programming is also done in Sanskrit it cannot be hacked Ganesh explained to the members in the parliament.

Union Minister Pratap Sarangi spoke in Sanskrit over one of the bills. He opined that the Sanskrit language was flexible and that people can learn it very easily.