Rahul Gandhi walked into his trap again by making Rape in India comment in a public meeting. Rahul is known for his lose talk whenever he tried to attack the BJP.

Smrithi Irani the Union minister tore into Rahul Gandhi for his lose talk in the meeting and said that he should get the punishment. He must apologise to the Nation she demanded.

Some women MPS said that all men are not rapists in the country and that Rahul must check his words before he speaks. This is the first time in the history that leader is giving the call to rape women in India she pointed it out.


This is uncalled for Smrithi opined.

This is an insult to India. Rahul Gandhi is touching 50 and he is calling men to rape women in India. This is shameful Smrithi opined. Rahul Gandhi has insulted all the women in India she opined.

The BJP MPS shouted slogans against Rahul Gandhi and demanded his apology. The Congress MPs said that Modi talked about Beti Padao and Bacho and could not save the ladies from the Rapes.

Amidst the ruckus which was going on against the attitude of Rahul Gandhi, the parliament was adjourned till noon.