Salman Khan must plan his retirement

Salman Khan

The latest movie of Salman in the name of most wanted Bhai has been rejected as the most unwanted Bhai. Radhe is a very good title but the people rejected it for Eid.

There are comments against the movie and people suggest Salman Khan retire. Some others said that he must get married and enjoy his life.

Salman has been disappointed that the people did not like the movie.
We do not have a real picture of the collections of the movie on OTT. Rs 249 was the ticket price. The audience did not like the Korean plot and the direction of Prabhu Deva.

It looked like as if Salman has interfered in the direction department and did whatever they want. Except for a song taken from Devi Prasad music all other things are just ok.

But some fans of Salman Khan are enjoying the movie. They like Salman Bhai in every form. Lets hope Salman will come up with a better idea next time.