Hyderabad hospitals make mega bucks


Hospitals in Hyderabad are making a killing with the Corona cases. They are charging as they like. No one knows if genuine treatment is being given to the patients in general.

The advance itself is from Rs 3 to 5 lakhs while joining the Hospital. The patient might get cured or he might die, the bill is about 20 lakhs. People are selling properties to get cured of Corona.

Some people are getting treated at home if they know any of the doctors from the Corporate hospitals. Patients from adjoining states are also coming in to get treatment here in Hyderabad.

People with Corona symptoms are just at the mercy of the Hospitals. There are people who joined the hospitals with a doubt of Corona also. All the small and sundry hospitals are making a killing in the name of Corona.

Last two years the Hospitals have done exceedingly well in Hyderabad and Rangareddy districts. Earlier people used to let ut portions for Hostels, now they are giving it on lease for Hospitals.

Houses around hospitals are being converted into medical facilities. Medical shops are also making a killing with multivitamin tables, zinc tables so on and so forth.

To keep away from Corona, people are using spices to the maximum extent.