Sachin the hairdresser


Sachin Tendulkar become popular for everything that he does. The latest is that he has turned into a hairdresser for the sake of his son Arjun Tendulkar.

Most of the celebrities and film stars have become the hairdressers for the sake of their family members. Due to lockdown for the last two month, the saloons are closed and there is no other way but to do the hairdressing on our own.

Now the vide of Sachin doing he hairdressing for his son Arjun Tendulkar is viral on the web. People were surprised to see that the Cricket God was doing he hairdressing job. Thanks to lockdown.

On the other hand, Mumbai is the worst effect area due to Corona. It is having the highest cases day in and day out. So naturally, Sachin is indoors and doing the job of hairdressing to his son Arjun.

Sachin is grooming is the son into an allrounder in the cricket now. We have to see if Arjun can really reach the heights of his father.