nara rohit

Nara Rohit the average film star is the son of Chandrababu Naidu’s brother. That way he is related to junior NTR. Now Rohit who is not doing nay films has presented a gift to NTR on his birthday.

The painting of NTR with eh Aravind Sametha post carrying a knife. Nara Rohit on his own has done a few films but they have got name and fame as different movies.

He gels well with Balakrishna and also Junior NTR. Rohit now and then comes for the political meetings also. His father maintains a very low profile.

Nara Rohit is now out of shape and can be ruled out as hero material. Itis reported that Rohit is trying to produce films. He is craving for good and different content.

Let’s hope family members will come together and serve the people as the Big NTR did earlier. Rohit and his father never interfered in politics and were never seen in the company of Chandrababu Naidu.