Ghulam Nabhi Azad

Senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabhi Azad today said that the Rajya Sabha cannot become a rubber stamp like the parliament. He was referring to the way the parliament was doing the regular business as soon as the Minister for External affairs Jaya Shankar clarified that Prime Minister Modi has not made any request to US President Trump to mediate with Pakistan to resolve the Kashmir issue.

Jayashankar has categorically clarified that no such request was made by the Prime minster Modi and any dialogue with Pakistan will be made only on bilateral terms.

On the other hand, Trump has claimed with the Pakistan PM Imrankhan that Modi the Prime Minister has requested him to be an arbitrator for resolving the Kashmir issue. But Imran Khan was seen requesting Trump to resolve the issue and that people will remember Trump in their prayers.

While the Parliament was doing the regular business after the clarification on mediation, by Ravishankar the Congress members led by Ghulam Nabhi Azad created ruckus in the house. They even staged a walkout twice and demanded that Prime Minister Modi must come and clarify if he has requested Trump to intervene in resolving the Kashmir issue.

So far the PM has not made any statement over the comments of US President Trump that PM Modi has asked him to be an arbitrator in resolving the Kashmir issue with Pakistan.