Gowda Government falls -loses trust vote

Chief Minister Kumara Swamy Gowda

While Yeddyurappa the BJP leader and the former Chief Minister waits to take over as the Chief Minister, the drama in the Assembly continues. Gowda while addressing the members in the Assembly said that he was an accidental politician and also an accidental CM. There was a huge Hungama outside the Assembly premises for the sake independent MLAs who were coming to the house.

All the doors of the Vidhana Sabha were closed while the division took place and the counting was done to prove the majority of Gowda Government. The members stood row-wise and the counting was done by the officials.Last night the house was run up to 11-PM and later adjourned.

The speaker, on the other hand, has threatened to resign if the floor test was not done by 6PM this evening. Kumara Gowda the chief Miniter of the Congress and JDs is postponing the floor test from time to time and buying time to remain in power.


There are rumours that 8 more MLAs from the Congress party have resigned and they may abstain from the floor test. It is almost 20 members from the Congress who would abstain from the floor test, paving the way for the BJP.

On the other hand, a fake resignation letter of Kumara Swamy Gowda is also under circulation. Kumara Swamy was seen displaying the same in the Assembly last night. They called it a fake letter.

One thing is for sure that the Gowda government will have to step down and the BJP is all set to form the Government. Either Yeddyurappa will take over as the Chief Minister, or there could be fresh polls for the Assembly in Karnataka.