Roja will lose:PK

PK the present blue eyed boy in the YSRC is having all the opportunity to talk in open in the party meetings in front of chief Jagan.

PK is not Pawan Kalyan it is Prashant Kishore the political strategist.

It is reported that he gave his piece of mind in a meeting of YSRC leaders in front of Jagan. PK told Roja that she is unable to articulate for the benefit of YSRC and not for herself in person.

Roja will lose:PK

Being a film star you must be able to attack the oppostion in such a form that it should benefit the party he suggested her.

He also clarified that she was talking in such a fashion that it was helping the other party and there are chances that she might lost the next election.

Roja had nothing to do, but weep and get out of the meeting . Jagan also did not utter a word.