Ranbir Kapoor loves Alia but likes Anushka

Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor the rockstar who is all set to marry Alia Bhat has revealed that he likes Anushka Shetty of Baahubali fame. There were rumours about Prabhas the international star of Baahubali and now Ranbir has revealed that he likes Anushka and had a crush on her.

Anushka is yet to do a Bollywood film. Ranbir stayed together with Katrina in a house for some time and then decided to get married to Alia Bhatt.

The elders have endorsed the same from both sides. Anushka earlier clarified that she just a good friend to Prabhas and nothing more than that. Now there is a talk that Anushka and Ranbir might pair together in the near future for Bollywood.

So far Anushka is yet to act in a Bollywood film. Anushka as Arundhati and Jejemma is also very popular across the South. There was a talk that Anushka was going to get married to the son of Popular director Raghavendra Rao.

Raghavendra Raos son also has done a movie with Anushka which was a big failure. Raos son also tried as a hero and failed miserably. Raos also divorced his wife.

Now there is a talk that he wants to get married to Anushka who has put on little weight.