Rajnath releases DG powder for Corona cure


The first batch of 2 -deoxy- D glucose being called as 2-DG drug for the treatment of moderate to severe Covid-19 cases was launched today by the Minister for Defence Rajnath Singh. It was developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation.

Union Minister of Health Harshvaradhan was also present during the launch.

“The first batch of 10,000 doses of 2-DG medicine for the treatment of Covid-19 infected patients was launched and will be given to patients,” a DRDO official was quoted as saying by news agencies.

The powder has to be taken by mixing it in the water. It will help in curing the Corona and also enhances the Oxygen levels in the body of the patient it is reported.

The representatives of DRDO said that the DCGI and got the clearance for Phase-2 trials. We did Phase 2A, then Phase 2B, adding to the quantity of the drug. After the Phase 2 results, we got permission for Phase 3 trials.

In this phase, we have given the drug to 220 patients across 27 hospitals in the country, and the results have been good. It has shown efficacy and patients have recovered fast.

Our partner, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, have been all along with us and we did the trials together while getting them to produce this drug.