The popular Ramayan serial will be on DD National from this Saturday on popular Demand. The public have tweeted that they want to see Ramayan and Mahabharat again as they are at home with the lockdown.

The Central Government has announced that Two episodes of Ramayan will be telecast on every Saturday in the morning and evening. Morning from 9 to 10 and evening 9 to10.

Ramayan produced by Ramanand Sagar was one of the super-duper hits on TV. People used to get glued to TV sets and even a large number of people used to sit in groups waiting for the Ramayan.

Now that the people are at home it is good to show the same on Saturdays. After this several other Ramayans followed on TV, but the first one was remembered and it is still popular.

That is the reason on popular demand the Government has decided to Telecast the same. Let’s hope the Government will agree to show the Mahabharat again on TV.