bandla ganesh

Bandla Ganesh is in news after a long time. Bandla praised KCR left and right and thanked him profusely. Bandla is in the poultry business and we know that due to Corona the business is in deep trouble.

People are not buying eggs and Chicken because of the Corona scare. They are thinking that eating Chicken will not be good for Corona. Even after assurances from the doctors and health experts people are not coming forward to eat chicken. Some poultry owners have buried live birds as they were unable to feed them.

Some others have distributed the birds free of cost to the people. Eggs were sold for just Rs 2 in some areas. In some places, the eggs were distributed freely.

Bandla Ganesh was overwhelmed that the CM KCR himself has suggested people to take eggs and that will improve the immunity in the body he explained. What more can we expect from the CM Bandla asked?
There are no words to express the gratitude for the chief Minister KCR he said. Bandla who failed in politics is keeping low. He is not producing films also. His main business is poultry and now the same is in trouble.

The encouragement from CM has made Bandla very happy and he is hopeful that the people will take chicken without any worries. Ministers Srinivas Yadav and KTR also had chicken in the open at Necklace road to encourage people.