Rakul Preet Singh who is just fading out from the Tollywood got an opportunity from Nagarjuna for Manmadhudu-2. She has worked in Tollywood and Bollywood. Rakul says that she likes to work with the Telugu film industry as they stick to the time for shooting.

Bollywood mostly shoots in nights and Rakhul is unhappy that she was not getting proper time to relax and enjoy with the family. Here in Tollywood the pack up is said at 6 PM. After 6pm she can go home and relax. Rakul is not interested in working during the nights. She likes the 9 to 6 shifts.

But the reality is that she is not getting good offers these days from the Telugu film industry. Some of them have predicted that Rakul is over. To stay in the limelight Rakul has been doing photoshoot promotions in the Gym.

Manmadhudu -2 did not give Rakul the required boost. It was just an average movie. Nagarjuna was just talked about for doing such a movie at that age.

Now she is talking about time. If she is not interesting to work during nights, Rakul may not get offers from Bollywood. It looks like the career is coming to an end for Rakul.