Rahul Gandhi says lockdown is the only way

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi the Congress leader wants Lockdown in the country at the earliest. Only lockdown can arrest the situation he said. He said that the BJP Government has miserably failed in controlling the situation.

Rahul is on a low after losing the recent elections miserably. Congress could not open the count in Bengal.

The Congress leader earlier has said, “The lockdown in India has failed. Four stages of lockdown have not given the result that the Prime Minister expected.” This was during the first phase of Corona.

He also slammed the Modi government’s strategies of relaxing the lockdown and said, “India is the only country in the world which is removing lockdown when the virus is exponentially rising.”

“PM and his entire advisory staff claimed coronavirus cases will come down, but this has not happened,” said Rahul Gandhi.

India recorded nearly 4 lakh coronavirus cases, the highest-ever spike in the country’s count.