Etela should not have taken assigned lands


Senior TRS leader Vinod Kumar found fault with Etela the former Minister for Purchasing the Assigned lands in the state. It is not right on the part of Etela to create trouble for the CM KCR and also the TRS party he said.

Addressing the media here Vinod said that TRS is the number one party and it is being praised by all the CMs across the country. How can Etela take the assigned lands for the family business he questioned?

Gangula Kumar the Minister said that the Ministers and the MLAs are very happy and comfortable. There is no issue as stated by Etela he said. Etela tried to stop the victory of some leaders he charged.

Etelatried to help the congress candidate he alleged. Gangula said that we are fortunate to have KCR as our CM. Etela came into the party sensing the victory of the party he said.

People are using the BC tag for their own welfare and not for the welfare of the people he pointed out. We should not take the lands from Dalits even if they offer to sell Gangula pointed out.

The people will not believe Etela he opined. KCR will not tolerate corruption he stated. As Etela has been attacking KCR in person, KCR has mounted the senior leaders to counter the onslaught of Etela.