rahul gandhi

Rahul Gandhi the former Congress Chief and MP played cricket while he was coming back from the electioneering. Today is the last day for the campaigning in Maharashtra.

While Rahul was returning to Delhi in a chopper, the weather turned hostile and could not continue his journey. Rahul had to force-land in a playground.

Rahul then had no other choice but to play cricket with kids there. He did the batting for some time and entertained the kids. he had to wait till he got a clearance from the Airport sources.The situation was not conducive for flying.

Earlier KCR had to cancel his tour to Huzoorangar as there were heavy rains with thunders. The road route was also not conducive so he had no other option but to cancel the meeting at Huzoorangar.

MIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi as a last resort made some act as if he was flying a kite and cutting the other kite while he was climbing down the stairs in an electioneering meeting.

But the media dubbed that he was dancing on the steps. No, it’s not dancing it is the act of cutting another Kite. Kite is the symbol of MIM. People thought that he was dancing on the steps to attract MIM voters.