kalki bhagavan

Kalki Ashram is filled with heaps of currency and Kilos of Gold. Both the wife and Husband kalkis are absconding and the police are in serach for them. The IT sleuths were surprised to notes that more than 500 crore worth money and gold were recovered from the Ashram of Kaklkis.

There was a lot of doubt expressed on the behaviour and day to day affairs of the Kalkis in the Ashram.

But the self-styled godman continued his journey and expanded his empire.

The IT officials raided in 40 centres of Kalki and recovered around Rs 100 crore it is reported. The main Kalkis and followers have just moved away from the places and are absconding.

Both local currency and foreign currency was recovered from the Ashram and other places. 88 Kgs of Gold and 1271 carat of Diamonds were found it the Ashram.

All these were not accounted and the source was not found. Vijaykumar alias Kalki was a LIC office and then he turned into a godman on his own. People say it was nothing but just duping the people in the name of Bhakti and Mukthi.

Now the IT officials and the police are on the lookout for the Kalkis. Amma and Ayya Bhagavan have vanished from the scene.