puri jagan

Ram Gopal Varma the controversial director was an inspiration to others. Now Puri has become the same. The other day he launched the trailer of movie Action being directed by Sunder C.

Puri Jagannadh was all in praise of the trailer. Vishal Reddy is the hero who has the market in Telugu states and Tamilnadu. It is learnt that his movie in the name of the action is a movie with high voltage action and entertainment.

The movie is getting ready for release this month. It would be released in other languages also. Puri wished the producer and director a hit of the movie. Srinivas has become the producer for the movie after distributing some movies earlier.

Puri opined that the movie has come out very well and that Srinivas the producer is going to make good money. Srinivas also thanked Puri Jagannadh for making it to the function and releasing the trailer.

On the other hand, Puri is working Vijay in the name of the fighter. He is also planning a movie with Balakrishna. Along with Charmee Puri is busy planning movies under the banner puri connects.

After Ismart Shankar Puri has purchased new cars and has come out of the red.