akkineni amala

Amala Akkineni the wife of Nagarjuna is making a come back with Sherwanand. Earlier Amala acted in Happy Days and the movie was a super-duper hit. Happy days was distributed by Dil Raju and directed by Shekar Kammula.

Amala was the mother in that movie and now she is also doing the role of mother to Sherwa. These days all the senior stars are coming back in the form of fathers and mothers.

Vijayasahanthi the lady Amitabh has also made a come back with Mahesh Babu. Rajendra Prasad is acting as father and he has also dome movies with Mahesh and also Allu Arjun.

But Amala is very choosy. She will act only if the character is good and has some message. Right now the family Amala is busy with shootings. Samantha, Chaitu, Akhil and also Nagarjuna are busy with movies.

But the reality is only Samantha is getting the hits and all others are doing average movies. Akhil is craving for a hit and he is yet to make an impact in the Tollywood market.

He is trying his best to make a mark. For Chaitu Majili was alright. Let’s hope Amala will become busy.