Governor Tamilisai has given her message on the occasion of Worl environment day today. She said:On the occasion of World Environment Day, Let us raise awareness among the people for a cleaner and greener environment that can lead us to sustainable development. It is urgent for all of us to collectively think about environmental protection and devise our actions accordingly.

I believe this day inspires every Citizen to engage in the efforts of environmental protection in one way or the other. It is our responsibility to hand over a clean environment to the generations-to-come as it is their right. It requires conscious designing of development and construction works keeping in view the social, economic and environmental balances.

I sincerely hope that the present situation in the society will definitely create awareness and sensitize people, especially youth across the world about the significances of the natures need for environmental protection.

I wish that we all will swear to work for the safer and friendlier environment in the days to come so as to avoid the pandemics in future.