Add Dalchinni to Chai


Tea which is popular as Chai is coming in various forms. Green tea is from which is supposed to enhance your health.

The re is Dalchni chai and Ilaichi apart from Adarak chai.

Dalchini is nothing bu the cinnamon bark used as a spice in our food regularly. All we have to do is add some Cinnamon or Dalchini stick to the boiling tea education.

Dalchini is good against Diabetes. It helps in reducing the sugar levels in our body. I also keep the lungs and throat clean. It ads a good flavour to our tea.

It develops immunity to our boat. It is very good during the Corona season. It develops humility in the body during the winter season.

It improves the health of he Gums a gives a good flavour to the mouth. It reduces cholesterol levels. It works against the Cancer.

So it has to of good benefits for improving th health. Please try Cinnamon bark in your tea.