Producer Suresh Babu loses a lakh in the name of Covid vaccine

suresh babu

Popular producer of Suresh Productions and owner of Ramanaidu studios has transferred a lakh of rupees to Nagarjuna Reddy for getting his staff vaccinated.

The person who received the money in the name of his wife is not answering the call of Suresh Babu now. Suresh was cheated by Nagarjuna Reddy.

Suresh had no other option but to file a complaint in Jubileehills police station. It is reported that the police have arrested the culprit who was involved in other issues also.

Suresh struck the deal for two and a half lakh rupees and paid one lakh as advance. After the money transfer, the phone was switched off by the culprit.

He is a habituated cheat it is reported. He was released from Sangareddy jail in recent times. Suresh is a careful person in general but he was duped in the name of Covid Vaccine.

There are many instances where people were duped of money in the name of getting vaccinated for Corona.