Its Chiranjeevi versus Mohan Babu: MAA election


How many will vote for Prakash Raj under the influence of Chiranjeevi and the mega family is the question. It is reported that super Star Krishna and rebel star Kirshnam Raju are also supporting Mohan Babu.

At the same time will Mohan babu go against Chiranjeevi for the sake of his son Vishnu is the question. What if Mohan Babu asks the support of Chiranjeevi for his son is also another question.

Prakash is an outsider when compared to the friendship between Chinrajeevi and also Mohan babu. But it is too early to decide over the pros and cons of the elections.

When it comes to the actors the local and non-local card will definitely work. Prakash is just a good actor but when it comes to local status, Prakash will be nowhere in the scene.

But Vishal Reddy could win the election in Tamilnadu. Here Manchu Vishnu has all the support in Tollywood. The majority of the stars especially the producers know the attitude of Prakash very well.

As an individual Prakash has no good rapport with the Tollywood people. We have to see how things change in the course of time. There is every chance that Vishnu might seek the support of Mega family and we have to see how the mega family reacts to the Mohanbabu family.