Hyderabad MP and MIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi today gave a call to the Muslim brothers to remain at home and do the namaz at Home. He advised the Muslim brothers to cooperate with the Government and the police.

They must not move outside and make a group at teh Masjids he suggested. making groups will be no good for containing the Corona he explained.

He was against the NPR, CAAand NPA but advised the people to sing Jana Ganamana fro the NationOwaisi was always opposed to the decisions of the central Government and Modi the PM.

But now he has suggested the Muslims across teh country not to come out of the houses and advised them to cooperate wiht the police ad also the Government.

He told them not to congregate at teh Masjids for teh prayers. He suggested that the prayers should be done at home to avoid the spread of Corona.

Staying at home in the form of lockdown is very important to stop corona he said.