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We should not worry but don’t gather in big numbers, [lease maintain distance suggested K Chandrasekhar Rao the CM of Telangana. Please continue the isolation process and cont come on to the roads he suggested.

10 cases are positive in Telangana he announced. The farmers will get all the assistance he assured. The crop will be purchased and remunerative prices will be given to teh farming community he assured.

All put together 59 positive cases are detected.

The Government has all teh ability to test and we need not go to the private testing labs said the Chief Minister. 6 labs and CCMBa re more than enough for the testing the CM explained.

The Government is ready and we will deal with our own facilities he said. If needed we will go to private medical college hospitals he stated. All taxes will be postponed and rescheduled he assured.

Like the RBI, the state Governments will also reschedule taxes and other things that the public has to pay the Chief Minister stated.KCR also said that the PM Modi has assured to extend all-out help in dealing with Corona.

The Government is ready to treat around 60000 patients he explained.