Darling Prabhas is looking for the right combination after the disaster called Saaho. Now he is busy with a romantic movie called Jaan. Next, he has lined up another romantic with Director Radhakrishna and pooja Hegde it is reported.

After that, he is getting ready to do a movie for Dil Raju the mega-producer and director Surendar of Syeraa fame. Syeraa has not done well at the box office, but the director got all the credit for doing a movie of that magnitude on a big canvass which took almost two years.

With that Surendar has entered the big league now he will do a movie for Prabhas with Dil Raju. Dil Raju has done some movies with Prbahas earlier and they were good hits at the box office.

Now Prabahs needs a good hit for a facelift and that is possible under Dil Raju. Prabhas needs a movie like Race Gurram. It is reported that the director Surendar is spending his time abroad and is on a holiday with the family.

Soon after returning from the holiday he would start working with Prabhas. The line is more or less ok for Dil and Prabahs. If it needs Gopi Krishna movies and UV creations will also step in to produce the movie along with Dil Raju.

But that has not been decided so far. Dil is a man who is particular about time and money. Like Ramanaidu he controls the budget all the time and never compromises on quality.