Sleeping is very much essential for the well being of the body. But oversleeping is very bad. A person should not have more than 6to 8 hours of sleep. More than 8 hours of sleep leads to many disorders of the body. Slowly the body turns lethargic after getting used to the oversleeping pattern in life.

1. The weight gains due to oversleeping.
2. Fat accumulates due to oversleeping. Don’t sleep for more than 8 hours.
3. Back pain and headache may occur due to oversleeping.
4. Heart problems and diabetes are also possible due to excess of sleep.
5. Depression and irregular heartbeats may also occur due to oversleeping.
6. You will not be able to do any work and feel tired within no time.
7. People with oversleeping habit may die early when compared to others.
8. The features of old persons will come very early due to oversleeping.
9. The body pains will be there all the time due to oversleeping.